The Walk The Line Podcast

The Walk The Line Podcast

Join us on ’The Walk The Line Podcast’ for inspiring and educational interviews with real people from all walks of life.
This podcast features in-depth conversations with entrepreneurs, artists, activists, and everyday individuals who share their personal stories, experiences, and unique perspectives.
So, take a walk with us and be inspired by the real stories, life lessons, and diverse journeys of real people.

Recent Episodes

The Notorious Texas Swindler - The Real Story Of Corruption, Organised Crime and The Truth

March 22, 2023

Ryan is joined by author Pepper Anne.  They discuss Pepper's new book "The Notorious Texas Swindler".  This book is a fascinating true story of a small town in Texas which was the victim of corruption and organised crime. Pe…

When I Won A Beauty Pageant Dressed as a Woman

Feb. 14, 2023

So this episode is the very embarrassing story of when I was young. The time I won a beauty pageant dressed as a woman.  This was taken from a live stream of me about 18 months ago and it never got released. Today is the day…

How to Build a Successful Podcast

Feb. 11, 2023

I'm joined by Wayne Veldsman.  Wayne is a podcasting guru and has created and monetized dozens of podcasts. If you want to start your own podcast, this episode is for you! Please like and share the show. Catch-up with me on …

How to get into the entertainment industry with Award Winning Movie Actress Jennifer Lieberman

Feb. 1, 2023

Jennifer is an award-winning Canadian actress, writer, producer, director and published author. Her multi-award-winning and Amazon #1 Best Selling debut novel "Year of the what?" which was adapted from her solo show "Year of…

How can spirituality can improve your life with Wellness coach Nickie Hunia

Jan. 20, 2023

I was joined by Nickie Hunia and we had a great time. A lot of laughing and joking especially about dating, spirituality and other random stuff! Check out Nickie here - Introductio…

The Future of The Walk The Line Podcast

Jan. 14, 2023

It's been too long! Last year sucked but this year the show is back with a bang!! I discuss what the plan is for this year with a few surprises in the mix! Please like and share the show. Catch-up with me on my socials: http…

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About the Host

Ryan WalkerProfile Photo

Ryan Walker


Originally from Scotland but now in London, Ryan is an RAF veteran who has now jumped into the world of podcasting.
Also a former business owner, Ryan knows what it takes to put himself out there.

A self proclaimed geek, Ryan is a huge fan of video games where he streams on Twitch.